About Us

Lucky Home Lucky Aluminium All Products Aluminium Ladders, Cloth Dryers, Picnic Beds, Chairs, Benches And Mops



Our Aim

To manufacture products which solve customers problems. For this purpose we have an integrated manufacturing facility to ensure we only manufacture the highest quality products at the best price points

Our Product Range:

We manufacture in-house the following products:

  1. Aluminium Ladders
  2. Aluminium Cloth Drying Stands
  3. Aluminium Mop Handles
  4. Aluminium Chairs
  5. Aluminium Benches
  6. Aluminium Tables
  7. Aluminium Picnic Beds

Why Lucky Home / Alu Mall

  1. Alu Tuff: Our products are custom engineered and last a long time. Hence, you can rest assured that the products you buy will last a long time, saving you money in the long run
  2. Custom Finishes: We have custom finishes in house, which include anodising and Alu Wood finishes which are one of a kind in Pakistan
  3. Manufacturing capability: We have a cutting edge manufacturing site which enables us to mass manufacture even the most complicated items. Hence, we can supply large clients requiring bulk quantities at the lowest prices
  4. Lucky Home Alu Mall Guarantee: Only the best quality products are assigned the "Lucky Home Alu Mall Seal". We have a rigorous quality control procedure which ensures only the best quality products are sold by us.